Safe & Efficient
Aviation Refueling
striving towards Net-Zero

Unlock the power of data-driven decision making for your aviation refueling operations with NexumVision's advanced connectivity technology. Harness real-time information to plan for the future and optimize your fleet's efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Our Mission

Operation Data
‍‍at your fingertips.

Data driven planning

Unlock the full potential of your operations with NexumVision's real-time data access. Our uniquely designed algorithms automate your planning, providing unparalleled insights for efficient and effective decision making.

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Speed up operation

Effortlessly access vital information with NexumVision's complete data documentation and reporting, available at the tips of your fingers. Streamline your operations, save time, and eliminate delays, allowing your operators to focus on what truly matters.

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Compliance controlling

NexumVision's ability to proactively monitor vehicle checks and compliance ensured the highest safety standards for your staff and fleet. Our system not only significantly reduces the time spent on mandatory tests but also provides accurate and reliable data for inspections and audits.

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Data services

Data Collection: 
Capturing Data at it's Core

NexumVision offers comprehensive data processing and analysis by leveraging real-time information directly from the key components of your refuelling vehicles. Our data sources include the vehicle's Controller Area Network (CAN), metering systems, Afguard sensors, interlocks, and more.

Our hardware and technology are designed to be fully compatible with all existing sensors and components on your vehicles.

To ensure a seamless and continuous data stream, our onboard hardware is connected to the cloud using state-of-the-art 3G/4G or 5G technology.


Our Commitment to decarbonization of Aviation Refueling

NexumVision is dedicated to creating a tool that prioritizes environmental sustainability in airport operations, by reducing fuel consumption and carbon footprint. Our software incorporates intelligent vehicle-usage reporting and detailed CO2 emission analysis to drive e-refueling technology and e-mobility in your operations.

Our advanced software capabilities include the ability to automatically schedule ground vehicles based on battery levels and charging infrastructure. This feature optimizes resource usage, minimizing downtime and enabling ground staff to prioritize other crucial tasks.

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How NexumVision can benefit your Operations.

We would love to get to know you and your organisation to create a unique use case that benefits your operations!


Our Latest News & Updates


Piloting of NexumVision Operator-Pad

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eDispenser from Esterer come fitted with NexumVision

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London Luton equipped with NexumVision Software

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ABOUT NexumVision

Creating long-term Value for the
Aviation Industry

NexumVision, a company with a young and dynamic team, has revolutionized the aviation refueling industry through its cutting-edge software development. By collaborating with the esteemed vehicle engineers at Esterer Germany, we have created an advanced onboard system that can be easily retrofitted onto any vehicle from any manufacturer.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Empowering a greener future through advanced connectivity solutions for airport refueling operations